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5G unlocks the full potential of mobile gaming

Indian gaming startups embrace 5G's revolutionary potential with ultra-low latency, lightning-fast speed, and cloud gaming without downloads. This a huge win for mobile gamers, enabling them to effortlessly discover and play new games.

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Gamezop – making waves in the casual gaming industry

Gamezop is one of the few Indian startups generating year-on-year profits and making waves in the casual gaming industry with its unique B2B model. With 7,000 distribution partners in its network, Gamezop has successfully expanded its offerings beyond gaming. Exploring content verticals is a key aspect of Gamezop's expansion strategy, and IPO plans are lined up too.

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7,000+ partners, 45Mn monthly users – the Gamezop growth story

With 7,000 distribution partners, Gamezop reaches 45 million users each month, and is focused more than ever on geographical and product expansion. In addition to expanding its base of distribution partners in large markets around the world, Gamezop has expanded it's product offerings to Newszop – for news content and Astrozop – for astrology-related content, to provide its distribution partners more content verticals to choose from.

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Personalised ads – Exploring the next frontier for game monetisation

Gamezop works with advertisers to align ad content in the context of the game. This minimizes disruption and enhances user experience. By aligning monetisation with user experience as well as privacy, one can create a mutually beneficial situation.

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Gaming – a thriving ecosystem that engages consumers like no other

Advertisers are courting the 3 billion+ gaming audience. Endless replays and positive word-of-mouth, gives gaming an edge over other content forms. Non-gaming companies have harnessed gaming's potential by adding dedicated sections to their apps and websites, resulting in a remarkable boost in engagement, often between 15% to 40%.

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Gesture control for gaming a win for casual gamers

With the potential to unlock interactive gaming for people with disabilities, gesture-based controls are also ideal use cases for casual games. Google’s Project Gameface that allows players to use head movements and facial gestures, is probably the first one developed with gaming in mind and has made gaming more inclusive.

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Change is inevitable for the gaming industry

Gaming companies will need to adapt and change in order survive after the introduction of 28% GST on the online gaming industry. Experimenting and exploring various methods to generate revenue will help not just diversify, but also build a more agile business that can thrive in any circumstance. Gamezop for instance has introduced more products (Quizzop, Newszop and Astrozop) in addition to Gamezop.

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Gamezop – sole Asian company powering games on MS Start

MS Start is Microsoft's new content destination with games as a key attraction. Two of the top eight games on MS Start are powered by Gamezop. Since the launch of MS Start, tens of millions of gamers have discovered a variety of games, collectively totalling more than four billion minutes of gameplay.

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Game developers seek alternate methods of monetization

Game developers who integrate our suite of diverse products, report up to 40% longer session lengths and twice as much lifetime value. Game developers are actively seeking alternative methods of monetization beyond ads and in-game purchases.

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Gamezop's edge computing process improves gaming experience

The process of establishing edge locations strategically around the globe, immensely improves Gamezop user experiences. Gamers can connect to nearby serves, thereby eliminating delays and delivering real-time and immersive gaming experiences.

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More content verticals key to higher ad revenue & engagement

Popularity of mobile gaming and demand for diverse and engaging content, puts Gamezop in a position to meet the needs of the market. With more content verticals, ad revenue and engagement can be hiked by up to 40 percent for apps and websites.

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Gamezop co-founders in Fortune India 40 Under 40

Gamezop's success is testament to Yashash and Gaurav's leadership, as they work towards building the largest distribution network for digital content. Their remarkable achievements landed them a spot on Fortune India's 40 Under 40 2023, affirming their impact in the industry.

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Gaming emerges as a key platform for brand engagement in India

Gamezop's highly scalable model of acquiring users through digital distribution partners is cost efficient, making it a profitable company. Between our inception and now, over 5,000 products from more than 70 countries have partnered with Gamezop. In addition, more that 45 million users from over 200 countries engage with Gamezop and Quizzop every month via one of its partners.

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Games – the ultimate engagement tool for non-gaming products

Adding games in non-gaming products can increase engagement by 15-40 percent. This makes interactive content the ultimate engagement tool. Products that have added Gamezop and Quizzop reported higher ad revenues in addition to the growth in engagement.

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Women gamers – a lucrative opportunity for brands

Brands can unlock huge opportunities with women gamers who comprise nearly half of Gamezop and Quizzop's 45 million monthly user base. They understand that women gamers not only possess substantial purchasing power but also wield immense influence over consumer decisions.

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How brothers and Gamezop co-founders balance both worlds

Trust, mutual respect and a shared long term vision are some of the elements that help Gamezop co-founders and brothers work well together. It is also important to maintain a balance by segregating responsibilities when you run a company with your sibling.

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Breaking gender barriers in gaming, to represent half it's consumer base

With a near equal number of women consumers, it is important to create a diverse pool of talent in gaming companies by adopting best practices. Gamezop fosters diversity by implementing strategies that promote the inclusion of women, who constitute half the consumer base. This ultimately works to the advantage of the industry.

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Women are leveling the playing field in gaming

Gaming sees a near equal number of female players, making it a unique industry for gaming companies to create a diverse workforce. That is why we at Gamezop, have institutionalized our Diversity & Inclusion Policy to reaffirm our commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Gamezop's scalable business model and future plans

Gamezop earns revenue from advertising which is split halfway between the company and its distribution partners. We give companies a preferential revenue share if they add both of our products, Gamezop and Quizzop on their websites. This model could operate anywhere between 55-60%.

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Gaming established as leader of digital entertainment

With a staggering $185 billion in revenue in 2022, the gaming industry has surpassed the combined earnings of music and film industries. It is no wonder more and more non-gaming digital products are adding games for a piece of the pie.

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Marketing dollars will chase casual gamers in the near future

With India projected to hit 700 million casual gamers by 2025, the casual gaming industry will occupy a larger share of brands’ marketing budget. Gamers are the most diverse group on the internet (over 3 billion worldwide), allowing for a level of granular targeting with gaming that no other advertising avenue can match.

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Market realities driving media strategies today

Gaming would be one of the key new considerations for digital marketers to reach their target audience most effectively and efficiently. Brands can maximize a full-funnel media strategy by tapping into the most diverse group on the Internet vis-à-vis casual gamers.

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Marketing dollars will chase casual gamers

3 billion gamers worldwide are the most diverse group on the internet, that allow for a level of granular targeting no other advertising avenue can match. With India projected to hit 700 million casual gamers by 2025, casual gaming will occupy a larger share of brands’ marketing budget.

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Demand for gaming professionals rises despite layoffs in tech

The growing popularity of online gaming has fueled demand for gaming professionals, despite the massive layoffs in other industries. Gaming companies like Gamezop are hiring more employees to develop, design, and market games, and the industry is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

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Casual gaming opens up a far greater opportunity for advertising

Digital products and advertisers see casual gaming as a more viable option for a wider and diverse audience than hardcore gaming. Gamezop and Quizzop are two such platforms that are adding new users at a significant rate. Thus any product can increase the time spent by users on their platform by adding games and quizzes.

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Games have no prejudice; Gaming cos. shouldn’t either

Gaming companies should implement strategies that promote the inclusion of women, who constitute half the consumer base. Increasing female representation in gaming companies through best practices can benefit both the industry and its workforce.

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A career in gaming can weather all market conditions

The growth of jobs within the gaming industry has kept pace with the global gaming boom, regardless of volatile market conditions. Gamezop co-founder, Gaurav Agarwal, sheds light on the demand for talent across roles with the potential to generate employment for millions

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Gamezop & Taboola partner to boost ad revenue and engagement

Gamezop has recently partnered with Taboola to improve ad monetization and engagement for its monthly user base of 45 million. The partnership will also help Taboola drive advertiser success by expanding its advertising inventory.

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Cloud gaming will allow companies to scale products

Packaged cloud services will help gaming companies scale their products through enhanced infrastructure, data, and collaboration capabilities. Cloud computing enables on-demand streaming and anywhere-anytime experiences for the gaming community.

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Brands find adding games lucrative and seamless

Online gaming expanding at a rate of 30% annually, makes it one of the fastest growing industries within media and entertainment in India. At Gamezop, non-gaming products have the option of adding games seamlessly within their interface, and in just 30 minutes, making it a hassle-free process.

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Future of gaming – training and engaging global talents

Gaming is now a lucrative career option with the industry booming over the last few years. Now the focus should be on training and engaging global talents. There are also four billion gamers around the world, making them the most diverse group on the internet. So brands can be sure of getting the attention of consumers by using games for advertising.

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Cloud gaming will allow companies to scale products

Packaged cloud services will help gaming companies scale their products through enhanced infrastructure, data, and collaboration capabilities. Cloud computing enables on-demand streaming and anywhere-anytime experiences for the gaming community.

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Tata Play Binge partners with Gamezop to add gaming

Tata Play Binge introduces gaming to its users, through its partnership with Gamezop, adding games to its portfolio of 17 OTT streaming platforms. Tata Play Binge users will now have access to 100 games from Gamezop’s library on its platform, without the need to individually download them. Users can play these games ad-free with subscription and ad-supported without subscription.

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Online gaming sees big bang growth in India

HTML5 game centers like Gamezop are being integrated by non-gaming apps and websites to capitalize on a lucrative digital entertainment trend. The Indian gaming sector will continue to grow exponentially in the times ahead and digital adoption will play a major role in this evolution.

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Quizzop introduced at India Gaming Conclave 2022

The next phase of growth for Gamezop was outlined along with the introduction of Quizzop – a quizzing platform – at the India Gaming Conclave 2022. The event was a melting pot of myriad standpoints from the Indian gaming fraternity, and provided an ideal forum to launch Quizzop.

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Casual gaming is a serious business in India

Casual gaming becomes mainstream in India with over 450 million users; bringing about a change in monetization for content businesses. Lockdown converted non-gamers to casual gamers with India seeing growth in gaming average revenues per user (ARPUs).

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Birth of India's largest zero friction gaming platform

A cumbersome casual gaming experience for users led to the birth of Gamezop, resulting in a sustainable and profitable business model.

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How non-gaming brands use games to make money

Many non-gaming brands like Amazon, Paytm, and Airtel have seen a 40% revenue increase after incorporating games in their ad strategies. The casual gaming industry is giving brands a new horizon to engage their audiences and make money on non-gaming apps and websites.

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HTML5 game development continues to thrive in India

HTML5 games offer experiences comparable to Android or iPhone games, with the added advantage of affordability and easy accessibility. Instead of downloading bulky apps with on smartphones; with HTML5 games you only have to click a link to start playing immediately.

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Mobile gaming – a mega platform for advertisers and marketers

With heavy digital penetration, the number of brands that advertise on Gamezop went up by 250% and is expected to grow. Our games like Ludo, Carrom, Rummy, 8 Ball Pool, Chess, Sudoku, Bowling, and Solitaire are often requested by brand to place their targeted ad because of their mass appeal.

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Gaming firms hire more women to keep pace with changing user base

Companies like Gamezop are focused on hiring more women to make sure their workforce reflects their growing women consumer base. With almost 42% of its workforce now made up of women, the focus is on making the work environment more inclusive to retain female talent.

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Gaming firms grow as viewers demand more games on OTTs

Gaming companies like Gamezop, allow OTTs the chance to bring casual games to their viewers, through easy and flexible integration of games. This has led to the emergence of more and more gaming companies, to meet the growing demand of games on OTTs.

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What to expect from the Indian gaming and e-sports industry

Blockchain gaming will drive innovation with NFTs, Play to Earn mechanics, be able to scale engagement as well as monetization to huge numbers. Decentralization transforms operations, from fundraising to governance, evident in community-driven DAOs.

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Brands add games and esports to their advertising plans

Gaming and esports have opened a new door for advertisers, offering high engagements and massive reach, through casual gamers. Casual gamers are the most diverse group on the internet, allowing for the highest degree of granular targeting. Thus brands targeting millennials and Gen Z users have added gaming to their advertising gameplans.

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Gamezop drives 650+ million minutes of engagement on MX Player

MX Player revealed over 650 million minutes of user engagement, after partnering with Gamezop, to introduce gaming within the OTT platform. While Patna, Lucknow, Delhi, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad saw the highest traction on games within MX Player, Moradabad, Imphal, Siliguri, and Bardhaman also featured on the top 50 cities list.

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Gaming the next big thing for streaming in India

Gaming makes an attractive value addition for OTT users, thus prompting streaming services to integrate games onto their platforms. MX Player which partnered with Gamezop in 2020, has seen nearly 4x growth with over 400 million monthly gameplays on its platform.

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Casual games open new doors for players and products

The biggest trend that one saw during the pandemic, was the conversion of a large number of non-gamers to casual gamers. This led to another trend where popular non-gaming products—Amazon, Paytm, Goibibo, MX Player, and hundreds of others— started a gaming section within their apps to engage new users.

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D2C apps turn to casual games for engagement and revenue

Helping D2C apps engage users via games are the likes of Gamezop, which provide plug-and-play gaming integration within these platforms. Thus meeting the growing urge to keep users constantly engaged across segments, from social commerce and e-commerce to ticket reservation apps and OTT streaming apps.

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Streamlyn uses Gamezop for gaming and ad monetization

Streamlyn forms a strategic alliance with Gamezop to leverage their expertise in gaming and ad monetization for mutual growth. The partnership will allow brands spending on Gamezop access to 6 billion monthly ad impressions on publishers managed by Streamlyn. This will bring a new demand source for the publishers, which will increase the bid pressure on their inventory and improve earnings and also lead to more relevant ads for the users.

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Gaming firms see revenue coming in from global markets

Gaming firms are seeing a majority of their revenues from global markets. For Gamezop, USA is the second most important market after India. This is followed by Brazil and Indonesia, with revenues doubling from these markets recently. Using their investor networks, Gamezop has also found a foothold in markets as far off as Tajikistan.

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InterMiles expands its mobile gaming with Gamezop

India’s leading loyalty and rewards program, InterMiles, partnered with Gamezop to offer gaming for members using the InterMiles app. With this partnership, InterMiles is further expanding its mobile gaming offerings to provide its members with additional, convenient rewards and redemption opportunities

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Gamezop's global gaming goals are coming to fruition

By bringing together great gaming titles and popular platforms, Gamezop has helped over 4000+ apps increase user engagement with HTML5 games. Gamezop's growth ambitions that include being the go-to conduit between game developers and large platforms.

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HTML5 games are the future of casual gaming

HTML5-based games will be on the rise due to its focus on turning non-gamers to casual gamers as well as its portability. With the help of cloud, AI and other state-of-the-art technology, companies are enabling personalized experiences for users.

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Adsolut Media partners with Gamezop to boost ad earnings

Brands targeting advertising inventory on Gamezop now have access to an additional inventory of nearly 1 billion ad impressions per month. Adsolut Media and Gamezop have thus teamed up to boost ad earnings for publishers.

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Gamezop features in Forbes Asia 100 to Watch

Gamezop recognized for its disruptive B2B2C model, with HTML5 games and a seamless user experience, features in Forbes Asia 100 to Watch. Gamezop's innovative approach challenges traditional gaming norms, offering a diverse collection of casual games accessible across multiple devices, positioning itself as a game-changer in the industry.

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Gamezop – the go-to entertainment section within apps worldwide

With 40M+ monthly users, Gamezop aids app engagement, aspiring to be the preferred entertainment section globally. Gamezop experienced remarkable growth in 2020, tripling its user base to nearly 272 million Indian players. This surge in users also led to impressive revenue growth.

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Gamezop's unconventional user acquisition method

Gamezop works very unconventionally to acquire users – rather than pushing app installs, they integrate games within popular apps. Co-founder and CEO, Yashash Agarwal talks about how they scaled to 25 Million unique monthly users with AWS.

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RCB partners with Gamezop to introduce games on their app

Gamezop has partnered with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) to introduce instant gaming and drive engagement on RCB’s mobile app. The integration comes without any cost for RCB. It introduces a multigame platform within their products where their users can play trending games instantly.

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#MakeInIndia enables Indian game developers to earn big

The 'make in India' campaign opens opportunities for Indian game developers to monetize their creations, thus driving growth for the industry. Now there is potential to capitalize on the void left by the popular games that have been banned in India, and an opportunity for indigenous developers to create and monetize games with Indian storylines, catering to the local market.

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Gamezop raises INR 32 crores in Series A led by BITKRAFT Ventures

Gamezop has raised Rs 32 crore investment from BITKRAFT Ventures, Velo Partners, and FJ Labs. BITKRAFT is the world’s largest esports fund. The company will use the investment to establish presence in select overseas markets through its piggybacking business model.

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India Today introduces interactive gaming with Gamezop

India Today Group partners with Gamezop, becoming the first media house to provide interactive gaming to readers with over 250 casual games. This partnership is a significant step forward in expanding the scope of media content and enriching the overall user experience for India Today Group's readers.

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25 million users acquired in just 4 years

Gamezop's success story unfolds as it addresses the hassle of casual gaming, leading to rapid user acquisition and substantial revenue growth. The startup's user base reaches an impressive 25 million, while generating Rs 21 crore in ARR. Gamezop's innovative approach to gaming and its ability to provide a seamless gaming experience contribute to its remarkable achievements in the industry.

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Snapdeal partners with Gamezop to boost user engagement

Snapdeal aims to drive higher engagement with its users by expanding its online gaming feature through a partnership with Gamezop. With this collaboration, Snapdeal users can enjoy a wide selection of games directly on the website and app, eliminating the need for separate app installations. This strategic move enhances the overall user experience and provides a seamless gaming experience within the Snapdeal platform.

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HTML5 games – boost engagement and revenue for apps

HTML5 games can help app developers attract new users, deepen engagement with existing users, and unlock incremental revenue. Gamezop is a HTML5 gaming platform that makes it easy for app developers to add games to their apps. The platform offers a wide variety of games, all of which can be played without having to download them. This makes Gamezop a great option for app developers who want to increase engagement and revenue for their apps.

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Scaling to success through technological innovation

Gamezop achieves rapid growth, reaching 15.2 million users by leveraging technology and establishing a strong presence across mobile apps. They have scaled to this number by merely being present on 1 per cent of the apps published by Indian developers; thereby enabled them to outpace competitors in the gaming industry.

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KaiOS shares fan-favourite games on the app

KaiOS users experience thrilling games from Gamezop on the KaiStore that includes fan-favourites Astro Knot, Coin Grab, Dodgy, and Flexi Snake. As they add more apps and utilities to the KaiStore, these popular games plus many more are available for download.

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App-free mobile gaming for non-gaming products

The USP of Gamezop is that, the games are created with HTML5, which allows it to be played on browsers without the need to install an app. The B2B2C model optimizes games for large non-gaming companies that already have a reach thus adding to its value.

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Arbo Hub partners with Gamezop for multi-gaming experience

Panasonic's Arbo Hub collaborates with Gamezop, offering a unified gaming section for smartphone users to enjoy a diverse range of games. Arbo Hub's partnership with Gamezop allows Panasonic users to access a wide selection of games within a single gaming section, enhancing the multi-gaming experience on their smartphones. This collaboration expands the gaming offerings for Panasonic users, providing them with a convenient and immersive gaming platform.

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Gamezop's triumphant journey to 'Conquest' 2015 victory

Gamezop's story of entrepreneurial excellence and innovation unfolds, as they emerge as winners of BITS Pillani's, Conquest. From a humble start to conquering the startup competition, Gamezop's founders share their strategic insights, challenges faced, and key learnings in building a successful gaming platform.

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Gamezop unleashes a gaming revolution

Gamezop disrupts mobile gaming with its instant play platform, providing a vast collection of HTML5 games accessible across devices. The platform offers a seamless user experience, extensive game library, and monetization opportunities for game developers, positioning Gamezop as a key player in the industry's evolution.

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Redefining the mobile gaming experience

Gamezop co-founders aim to transform mobile gaming, win national showcases, gain tech support, and secure significant funding. Agarwal brothers' Gamezop redefines gaming through Silicon Valley and European accelerators, Microsoft representation, and funding from prominent investors.

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Gamezop co-founders feature in Forbes Asia 30 under 30

Gaurav & Yashash Agarwal's leadership has propelled Gamezop to success, with their disruptive gaming model gaining attention and accolades. Their dedication, combined with their ability to create a positive impact and drive revenue growth, has earned them a well-deserved spot in Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia 2016 list for consumer tech.

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Gamezop raises INR 2.3 crore in seed funding round

Gamezop secures INR 2.3 crores in seed funding, accelerates growth to focus on technology, distribution alliances, and talent acquisition. The funding round provides Gamezop with a significant boost, allowing them to invest in enhancing their technology, forming strategic distribution partnerships, and acquiring top talent to drive further expansion and innovation in the mobile gaming industry.