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Gamezop delivered over 2 billion ad impressions across 200 countries in 2020


Impressions per month


Clicks per month


Monthly active users

Ad-serving Capabilities

Reserved Inventory

Work with us to buy premium ad inventory not available via programmatic demand.

PG Deals

Run PG campaigns directly via Google Display & Video 360 on our inventory.

Direct deals

Work with us directly and reduce your expenses on commissions to third parties.


Target audience using age, gender, geography, device, operating system, etc.


Track the performance of your campaigns directly via reports from Google Ad Manager.

SMS & Email campaigns

Expand your outreach via SMS & Email campaigns targeting gaming audience.

Advertisement Formats 🎬

Display Ads

These are banners containing image and text displaying a brand's message.

Pre-roll and Mid-roll Ads (VAST Ads)

These are Full page ads (could be a video or static banner) before a game starts and at natural breaks during gameplay. Very similar to video ads shown on YouTube.

Native Ads

They match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear. These are only supported via Direct Deals.

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