We believe that accessing games should be as frictionless as accessing video, news, or music.

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We started operations on the 27th of July, 2015 with a simple objective: making game-consumption frictionless. Digital media consumption is broadly split into the following buckets: video, music, text, and games. Imagine if you had to download each song you listen to, or each news article you want to read, as a standalone app on your phone. It would make life really annoying and difficult. That is where casual games are today: each of them behind the friction of an app install. We aim to change that and make game-consumption instant, and frictionless.

We are a publisher of HTML5 games, headquartered in India. HTML5 is the language of the web, and of the future. HTML5 games do not require app-installs as they can be played within your browser, or can be seamlessly embedded within apps and websites. We source great games from some amazing game developers around the world and bring them together on our platform. We operate 3 products: Gamezop, SkillClash, and Quizzop. Our products entertain over 30 million users around the world every month!

Gamezop's is a B2B2C offering. We have partnered with thousands of app and web developers who embed our games within their apps and websites. We believe that growing the number of destinations within which any game can seamlessly be accessed takes us one step closer to making game-consumption frictionless.

Our partner apps and websites benefit from the engagement that games drive within their product, and from our lucrative ad-revenue-sharing program. Quizzop, like Gamezop, is a B2B2C offering. At Quizzop, we power fun-filled quizzing experiences within apps and websites. Our revenue-sharing program allows app and web developers to grow their monetisation while improving their engagement - all with a simple integration that takes less than 30 mins to implement!

SkillClash is a B2C product. It is a real-money gaming (RMG) destination - a place for users in India to play games of skill and win money. Users have a wide-range of titles to choose from - Carrom, Ludo, 8 Ball Pool, Rummy and more! In line with our mission of making game-consumption frictionless, SkillClash is a web-first offering without the friction of an APK side-install.

We are a small team with a big mission. We've never been so excited about what the future holds for the world of gaming!

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