Zoo Pinball

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 23, 2016

Pinball is an absolute classic and an all-time favorite. When you remake or modify a classic like this it is important to retain authenticity and originality while adding modern twists and the makers of Zoo Pinball have done just that. Zoo Pinball is that same favorite game which includes a few new features which make pinball all the more entertaining, pleasing and interesting. This game is sure to make you nostalgic and serve as a walk down memory lane as you pressed hard on the keyboard just to keep your pinball from falling.

Talking of the gameplay and controls, there is not much of a difference as compared to the original Pinball except for the fact that since this game can be played on mobiles and tablets as well, you have to tap instead of pressing on the keys. Zoo Pinball has slight changes here and there, for example the background of the pinball machine which has zoo animals on it that make this game an instant hit with the kids. Makers have also fiddled a little with the background score and sound effects but this just adds to the depth of gameplay and makes the game all the more fun.

The fact that developers have left most aspects of the original Pinball game untouched, is the best thing about the game and it can be enjoyed by both kids as well as the adults.

Tip: Its Pinball! There are no tips.

You can play Zoo Pinball here.