Zigzag Clash

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 13, 2016

Miss the old-school snake on the Nokia model? Play Zigzag clash to revive those lovely memories! In this addictive lookalike, you only need to guide a snake around the board! Zigzag Clash is fast paced with multiple snakes moving on the board at once. You must guide your snake away from the others while you collect gems along the way. Can you gobble as many gems or possible or will you collide with another snake? Fight against enemies and obstacles to score more points in this rapid and challenging arcade game! Play this on the go and enjoy unlimited fun!

In Zigzag Clash, you must ensure your snake eats all the gems before it encounters the other snakes. On an average, there may be three to four snakes in the same vicinity as yours. Be careful not to collide with the boundaries either or it may mean game over for you. You should only watch out for those controls to steer your snake. They seem a little different at first but once you get a hang of them, it is a walk in the park. Gobble them gems up as fast as possible and become one of the high scorers in this highly addictive game!

Overall, Zigzag Clash is entertaining throughout and never lets down on the fun quotient. It is fast and enthralling casual game that has you hooked from the get go. The music is apt and the backdrop perfect for a casual game to unwind to. This is a must for everyone irrespective of age or gender. Play it anytime, anywhere for a quick fun time.  

Tip: Move in the opposite direction of the other snakes.

Play Zigzag Clash here.