Yummy Taco

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Yummy Taco is an arcade game that evokes the player’s hunger from the get go. The game demands that the player have rapid fingers and know the how to mix food items together. In this mouth-watering game, players must help put together tacos of different varieties to serve to customers. Players should keep up with the customer flow and feed hungry mouths till time runs out. Yummy Taco challenges the player to make food like they have never done previously and earn more points to make it to the Leader board.

The game is uncomplicated. Players must mix ingredients into a taco and serve it up as per the customers’ demands. Ingredients can range anywhere from black beans to sushi. With a variety of tastes, customers are also impatient. Hence players must always have one eye on the clock. Players must be quick in serving up the desired food and collecting payment. Each level has a desired goal that is told to the player before each level. They must meet these goals to earn points are move onto the next level. As the levels progress, the difficulty level too increases with more and more ingredients and customers being added to the game.

Yummy Taco is fast-paced and swiftly engages the player with its extraordinary effects. The background of a taco cart as seen on the street appeals to the player and entices him into playing the game for lengthy periods of time. Yummy Taco is a one of the kind arcade game that also ultimately makes the players hungry.

Tip: Never forget to collect the money!

Play Yummy Taco here.