Watch The Walls

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 30, 2016

Watch The walls is an arcade game that is fast paced and leaves the players trying repeatedly to save a bee. In this game players are challenged to save a bee by bouncing him off walls. The game is filled with sharp edges and a fast insect that makes it tough for the player to control movements. Players must be observant and save the bee from potential dangers. Watch The walls as the name suggests asks players to save the bee from the adjoining walls for that is where danger lurks. This game is a perfect blend of casual and fun and is a must for all age groups alike.

In this game, players must guide the bee away from the border walls. Spikes emerge simultaneously on random points on the side walls.  The bee must be wary of these sharp objects for they signify its doom. Players must tap to bounce the bee of vacant pieces of the wall whilst avoiding the spikes. The more bounces you make, the higher your score to eventually make it to the Leader board. The bee bounces fast and there is no predicting where the spikes will appear from hence players must be on the lookout always.

Overall, Watch The walls is an endless arcade games that is the epitome of entertainment. The bee and the surrounding background is beautifully made and the sound effects are tuneful. The game is a dream come true for fans of quick and easy casual games.

Tip: Tap multiple times to move higher!

Play Watch The Walls here.