Vegetables vs. Chef

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Hunger pangs that kill.

Never liked to eat those veggies on your plate? Then this is the perfect game for you!

Vegetables vs Chef is an action filled game where a fight takes place between scrumptious vegetables and the head Chef. Juicy tomatoes and crunchy bell pepper are the focus of the game. Help them stay alive by avoiding the Chef’s knives. His knives are so sharp that they can kill those veggies in one clean sweep.  Save them or they end up on your plate!

The two knives swivel around the plate in a clockwork fashion and the player must help them stay away from those sharp edges. The game gets tougher when the player realizes that the only way the vegetables can escape are by jumping around in an anti-clockwise direction.

The vegetables are designed as wide eyed characters who portray the frightened look perfectly and sound effects stand out in a spectacular fashion appearing only when the vegetables move. Players are in splits when they do miscalculate and the vegetable’s heads are cut off in a comical manner. Overall the game is hilarious and puts a smile on the player’s face with its animation and sound effects. The background is the perfect blend of a rustic kitchen as well as a cluttered kitchen top. The game is swift and leaves the player craving for some food themselves.

Tip: Time your jumps at each quarter!

You can play Vegetables vs. Chef here.