Ugly Floaters

By Vaishali Ramesh · Sep 25, 2018

Ugly Floaters is a fun, casual, easy and entertaining alien game. In this game your main objective is to zap and destroy all enemy aliens that are trying to intrude into your planet. The ugly floaters fly in from all directions in outer space and it is not easy to keep track of them. The controls of the game are minimalistic, tap on an alien to zap it, it is that simple! The game is spread out across different levels called waves. As you progress further, you have to combat a more severe alien invasion and thus the game gets tougher as you progress. Do you have what it takes to defend your planet?

Ugly Floaters packs a punch due to its interesting visuals and depth of gameplay. The game is not just about killing all the aliens: in this game, you can zap astronauts to increase your score multiplier. Interesting power ups, like a health power up, time power up and pig mode make the game all the more appealing and enjoyable. The game has clear, crisp visuals and some decent background music, the sound effects are synced and seem well incorporated into the game. The game also has some other aspects like a health bar and a time limit. The heath bar decreases when an alien successfully reaches your planet and the time limit indicated the time left for the particular level.

Ugly Floaters is a casual gamer’s paradise. The game is light hearted, fun and addictive. If you like space games or if you are a fan of level-based games, then you should definitely try Ugly Floaters.

Play Ugly Floaters here.