Troll Boxing

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

Troll Boxing is a competitive, challenging and addictive boxing game which features trolls. In Troll Boxing, you fight as a troll against other challengers who frequent this gruesome and unforgiving boxing ring. You start of as a sad troll, but if you’re good, you can quickly upgrade to One eyed, Raging Bull or the Fat Hans. While you jump right into the action, bout after bout, you face a tougher, more experienced opponent and your chances of losing the bout also increases. Each knockout earns you boxing credits and skull coins, you can purchase better fighters for skull coins. Do you have what it takes to stand up against the best of the best?

Troll Boxing has some super simple controls where you tap on the right side of the screen to jab and on the left side of the screen to defend opponent jabs. The gameplay is fun and engaging and it takes you right in the middle of
the fighting. The background score is peppy and fitting but the real standout feature in this game is the sound effects, the sound effects are so well developed that we can differentiate between a jab and a block. The visuals are great and overall the game makers have focused on all aspects in appropriate proportions.

If you like sports games, difficult games or even casual games troll boxing is a superb option for you. You should give this game a shot, it will not disappoint.

Tip: Against tougher opponents, use more combinations.

You can play Troll Boxing here.