Traffic Command

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

Traffic Command

Traffic Command is a simple game which is addictive, engaging and challenging at the same time, in Traffic Command you are in control of a busy intersection which is an accident hotspot. You have the responsibility of ensuring that this intersection remains an accident free zone under your watch. Cars, vans and busses of different speeds and sizes barge in from all four roads, you must make sure that none of them collide at the intersection. Each time a vehicle passes the intersection safely under your watch, your score increases by one, if the vehicles crash, however, you must start over. Can you ensure the safety of these vehicles and register a high score?

The controls of this game are very easy, you can control the vehicles by keeping a check on their speed, tap on a vehicle to boost it speed while it crosses the intersection, it’s that simple. The ease of controls combined with the chaos of the intersection make this game stand out. As your score increases the traffic also increases and this makes the game more and more challenging, the further you progress.

Traffic Command has apt visuals combined with a fun background score and good sound effects. Overall it requires a good mix of brains and skill to play. This makes the game a very good play for casual gamers.

Tip: Do not boost every single vehicle, you might force a collision.

You can play html5 games such as Traffic Commandhere.