Tower Loot

By Rishabh Arora · Jan 14, 2017

In Tower Loot, you play the ancient wizard looking for his treasure. Can you help him find it or will he be lost in the tower forever? The treasure has been stolen and is being stored in an old run-down tower. Make your way high up in the tower and find the treasure! Move crates and planks aside and climb the tower in this level-based game. Tap o crates and wood pieces to destroy them! Move closer to the treasure and find all the chests that you lost! Find your treasure and guide your wizard out of the tower!

The gameplay is straightforward. Tap planks and wooden crates to destroy them. But while doing so, you must make sure that the treasure chest moves closer to you for you to open it and save your treasure! With just a tap of your finger, you can blow up crates and wood. As the levels progress, so does the difficulty level. With more levels comes more crates and planks to destroy. Strategize and use time wisely in this level based casual game. Reach your treasure faster and score more points!  A high score guarantees you a spot in the Leader Board!

Overall, Tower Loot is a fun-filled arcade game that is sure to entertain you. The backdrop is mesmerizing and the sound effects are tuneful. This is a must for every casual gamer out there. Tower Loot is truly one of the best crafted games on Gamezop.

Tip: Destroy the wooden blocks on the bottom first.

Play Tower Loot here.