Time Warp

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 14, 2016

Time Warp is clearly a masterpiece of a game. It is the successful blend of a simplistic concept with conventional gameplay to create an unconventional experience. While playing this game, you may ask yourself how something so straightforward and easy can get so arduous and humbling. In this game, you play a red dot travelling up through a difficult maze full of moving obstacles. Seems simple? Here comes the twist, the dots motion is restricted, the player cannot control its movements while it ascends in a narrow vertical, however, where this game stands out is how the makers have integrated the concept of time into the gameplay.

The prominent objective of this game is that you must keep the moving dot safe for long periods of time. This gets ironical as you have zero control over the dot, all you can do throughout this game is slow down the time. Now while the dot pushes up the maze, it must get through a combination of obstacles which have a fixed continuous path of their own. One collision and you start over. Tapping or holding down on the screen slows down everything on your screen except for the red dot and this is what makes the game as difficult as it is.

This game has some awesome graphics and just the right soundtrack, developers haven’t overdone anything, and this simple interface keeps players hooked. The chances of getting addicted are very high especially if you get even slightly good at the game. Time Warp is undoubtedly one of the most intelligently made games which is present in the markets today. If you like challenging puzzle like games, you should surely try Time Warp, it won’t disappoint.

Tip: Use your brain, it is difficult to tip on how to play this game

You can play Time Warp here.