Teleporting Kittens

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

The kittens are scared of the grumpy dogs and want your help to stay aloof of them. Teleporting Kittens aims at warping the kittens and the dogs, ensuring the kittens stay within the game and the dogs are eliminated. You can use the in-game objects to help you get rid of the dogs. Make sure you collect all the stars within a level for a perfect finish. As you progress further, the levels start getting harder and you’ll see different objects with separate properties which you can use to move forward with the levels.

In order to solve the puzzle, tap on two different animals to swap their positions. However, when the animals have their sunglasses on, they don’t want to be disturbed and won’t respond to the taps. Watch out when the animals get rounder, they will roll and fall. Take as minimum number of moves as possible as when the levels get harder, you’d only have a limited number of moves to solve it. Teleporting Kittens is a fun game for kids and adults alike due to it’s smooth visuals, some decent background music and sounds effects which are well synced with the gameplay.

You can play this online HTML5 casual game here.