Sway Bay

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Sway Bay is an online free HTML5 game and brings to you the fun at your fingertips. Help the neanderthal to reach the stump by swinging on a rope. Each stump differs in the size and distance from where the player is standing and you have to judge the exact length of rope required to reach the next stump. The background alters between night and day so you know your player is trying hard throughout the day.

The game offers tribal beats as the background music. The controls are easy, as soon as the user taps on the screen, the rope starts extending, you have to determine the length of the rope using which you can swing and land on the subsequent platform or thump. A too short or a too long rope will have your player falling in the valley and die. You can also collect the coins placed on the stumps to increase your score by 1.

You can play this casual and easy game here.