Super Goalie Auditions

By Rishabh Arora · May 12, 2017

HTML5 Games - Super Goalie Auditions

Super Goalie Auditions is an addictive, entertaining and competitive football game that is sure to get you hooked onto its fast gameplay and cutting edge graphics. The objective of the game is simple, save as many goals as you can to progress further in this challenging level based game. In this game, you play a goalkeeper facing a barrage of penalties, you have to stop each shot by blocking it with the goal keeper’s gloves. The shots fly in one after the other at different speeds and directions, so saving each one of the shots is a challenging task. The dynamics of the game take some getting used to, but once you understand them, you can master this game.

The game stands out for its unconventional controls and quick, smooth gameplay. The game boasts of some brilliant visuals coupled with a progressive and enticing background score. The sound effects are fine tuned into the gameplay and overall the game seems like a well-made sports game. The controls of the game are simple, all you have to actually do is drag the gloves from one point to another to save the shots directed at the goalposts.

Overall, Super Goalie Auditions is a well thought out sports game which will get you addicted to its stunning features. The game is a must play for all football enthusiasts and others who enjoy the sports games genre.

Play Super Goalie Auditions here.