Submarine Dash

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 15, 2016

Submarine Dash is a game which is sure to make you happy, it has peppy groovy music coupled with fantastic visuals and great graphics. Will all these features, this game is not only a great play for kids but also for a larger audience. In this game players control a submarine through an ocean full of uncertainties and obstacles, to control the submarine players must tap on the screen which will make it float high up towards sea level and leaving your finger pushes the submarine down to the base of the ocean. While the submarine travels at a constant speed through the ocean, you can also collect coins, power ups and more lives to survive in the ocean for a longer time.

Submarine Dash is impressive with its easy, subtle, addictive and simple gameplay. The game grows on you the more you play it and the longer you play this game, the better you get. For an endless scroller, the underwater concept is unique and engaging. The sound effects and music are a standout feature of this game.

As it is with all Gamezop games, you can play Submarine Dash on your phone and tablet, using the Gamezop app or you can even access the game from your PCs via the Gamezop website. The game can also be taken offline if you have played it for a while. Overall Submarine Dash is an entertaining, fun and very addictive game, the simplicity of all the aspects of this game make it a huge hit among the kids.

Tip: You can take refuge from the obstacles coming your way for a certain amount of time by letting your submarine travel from the base of the ocean, there are not many obstacles there.

You can play Submarine Dash here