Stay On The Road

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

Stay On The Road is a simple, fun and entertaining arcade game that features some unique gameplay in an interesting one of a kind car game. Stay On The Road is a car game which not about racing, in fact it is not one of those endless super-fast paced reflex games. This game is more about just staying on the road of an easy constant track. Sounds simple? It’s far from it, the track is an oval circuit which seems like a cakewalk at first, but as you start to play the game and start to control the car, you realize how difficult it is to keep on the road.

In this game, you control a car which moves at a constant speed on the track, all you must do is make a near perfect drift every time you turn, tap on the screen to drift the car, that’s all. While you may think that this is another kid arcade casual game, you are very wrong, this game is designed in such a way that even the skilled may face many challenges, since there is only one control, turning even slightly under or over will cause a collision, this makes this ever simple and easy to play game very difficult and challenging.

Stay On The Road has simplistic visuals with well synced sound effects and an engaging background score, overall if you happen to stumble over this game, there is a high chance you will get addicted owing to its supreme unconventional gameplay.

Tip: The more you play this game, the better you will get at it.

You can play Stay On The Road here.