Spikes Don't Move

By The Gamezop Team · 6 Jan, 2017

In Spikes Don’t Move, you play adorable animals stuck in a vicious circle. Help them escape the circle and stay away from the spikes! You will be tested in this fast-paced arcade game. Leap and jump from one side to the other in this cute animal based game. Save the animals from imminent doom by jumping across landings. Feed them with fish and carrots along the way to keep their energy levels up. Can you successfully save the animals or will they perish at a point end? Play quickly and strategically to score high points in this endless arcade game. Be a top scorer and make a name for yourself on our Leaderboards!

The game rules are simple. You must tap to move your animal from one landing to the opposite. Your main objective is to keep them away from the spikes. If they hit a spike, it is game over! Beware, after a few rounds, the spikes themselves start rotating make it harder for you to concentrate. Focus and move your animal accordingly. Fish and carrots are readily available. Collect food along the way to score higher points! Move faster and earn more points for every round you complete.

On a whole, Spikes Don’t Move is an all-round entertainer that keeps you engaged for a long time. The music is tuneful and the backdrop is mesmerizing. The game is truly one of the best HTML games designed on the Gamezop site.

Tip: Don’t get confused when the spikes start moving.

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