Space Cowboy

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

What happens when you take a Texan grown, ranch and farm cowboy to space? The answer is absolute pandemonium. Space Cowboy is a fast paced, laughable and engaging game about a Texan Cowboy who is struggling to save his cattle in space. The game throws you amid the chaos from the first minute as you push your cowboys rocket from one part to another to track and save his cows which are floating frantically across space. Space Cowboy captures all this madness and couples it with some smooth and easy gameplay which make this game such an enjoyable experience. Do you have what it takes to save all the cows?

The game controls are as easy as they get. All you must do is tap in the direction you want to move your cowboy and that is it, since the cowboy is in space he will float effortlessly in the direction you want him to. Cows appear on the screen from all sides and you must barge into them to save them. You are given 5 lives and if you accidently let 5 cows float away, you must start over. The pace of the cowboy on his rocket increases with time and this makes it difficult to control him while simultaneously trying to save all the cattle.

The game boasts of thrilling sound effects along with a progressive background score. It also has some great visuals which have been given a lot of thought and time. All this makes the game a supremely unique and entertaining and sets it apart from the other games in the space game genre.

Tip: Beware of the enemy cowboy.

You can play Space Cowboy here.