Sneaky Snack

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Sneaky Snack, like the name suggests is not a game about food. It is an adventure game about a lone ranger bird flying in the sky searching for food.  It is up to the player to see that the bird can travel safely. With many obstacles and two birds to deliver food to, will you be able to feed the birds?

Sneaky Snack is one of the best games on Gamezop, action packed and catering to all the masses, kids, and adults alike. The game is endless and your only aim is to score as many points as possible by delivering worms to the other two birds. The game screen is simple.  Three birds, one above the other. The middle one delivers food while the other two store the food in their nests. But the game gets tougher when you realize that not only does the middle bird must collect food in the form of worms but the bird must also avoid running into vultures and other obstacles in its path.

The gameplay is simple. The bird can only fly in two directions, up and down. It depends on the player how quickly the bird can change directions. Each tap changes the direction of the bird. The faster the players taps, the quicker the bird will change directions. Keep tapping to avoid obstacles. The background is aesthetically pleasing with a bright blue sky and the birds seeming right out of a book. The sound effects are apt to the game with airplanes flying overhead and birds chirping. It gives the player a feeling of being high in the sky.

Tip: Beware of birds that fly fast.

Play Sneaky Snack here