Snappy Spy

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 14, 2016

In snappy Spy, you play the young and energetic spy. You must jump across lands unknown to collect intel. Can you do it or will you be captured before you accomplish your mission?   Jump over walls and hang upside down in this thrilling action game. Run at the speed of lightning and cover distances in under seconds. Collect information for your country and be the spy you are trained to be!  Jump before you reach a wall or you might find yourself colliding with mountains of bricks! Run long distances and join the leader board with high scorers!

In Snappy Spy, you only need to tap to control your character. Tap once for every jump you make. The only objective in this endless scroller is to run as long as possible and achieve high scores! Run upside down on the walls above and upright on the walls below. Do not let that confuse you! You are a fast runner and must keep track of which area you are running on. Watch out for those walls that end abruptly for they are sure to end your game. Also, do not fall into the unknown for that is never a good place for a spy.

Overall, Snappy Spy as the name suggest is a fast-paced, rapid action game. You must have fast fingers and tap repetitively to change positions. The background is picturesque with a forest background and walls that remind you of monuments. The music is entertaining and apt for the game. This is must for all players who like to unwind with an easy casual game.

Tip: Keep looking at the wall formations ahead.

Play Snappy Spy here.