Snack Time

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Snack Time is a puzzle game in which the players must rush to feed Porky. Porky is the main character of the game and is also ravenous. Players must help him collect acorns in the hopes of keeping his hunger sated. Snack time is challenging, entertaining and fun at the same time. It forces the player to exercise their brain and use it to solve strategic puzzles. The game is level based and with each level, the amount of food to be fed to Porky too increases. Keep up the pace or Porky might go hungry!

Snack Time has an interesting gameplay. Players must help Porky move acorns around to specified positions which will then act as his food. Acorns will be placed all over the grid board and players must move porky around in such a way that he never hinders the path of an acorn. The act of moving the acorn along a specific path too is mighty challenging. With each increasing level, the number of acorns scattered on the screen too will increase. Players must be on their guard and think logically to solve the game.

The game is a perfect blend of a casual play which requires sharp thinking. Snack time has brilliantly placed sound effects and an apt backdrop to the game. The character of Porky is also smartly designed and is easy to play with. Snack time is easily one of the most fun and entertaining casual games on the internet today.

Tip: Always keep Porky behind the acorns.

Play Snack Time here.