Slap Fest

By Vaishali Ramesh · Sep 25, 2018

Slap Fest brings to life the childhood pleasure of playing red hands! Slap each other’s hands continuously and watch them turn beet red! Play this infectious action game without any physical hurt! Test your reflexes and save your hand in this action-packed game of Slap Fest! Retract your hand before your opponent can hit it! The first person to reach 5 points, wins the game! Slap more and save faster in this fun filled game of action and endless entertainment! Play Slap Fest and beat your friends to score high points!

The gameplay in Slap Fest is straightforward. Two of you fight out in his battle of the fittest. Both must choose a virtual hand of their choice. It may be feminine, hairy or even a gorilla’s hand. The aim is to slap the opponent’s hand repeatedly and score 5 points before the other. You have the option of retreating your hand when your friends reach out to slap yours thereby saving your points. But retract your hand more than three times and your opponent gets a free hit!

Slap Fest is entertaining and keeps you constantly on your toes. You must be on your guard and save your hand before it’s too late! The backdrop is mesmerizing and the objects in the game are apt. The sound effects are tuneful and it makes the whole experience even more lifelike. Overall, Slap Fest is a must for every gamer who likes action and multiplayer games.

Play Slap Fest here.