Skill Shot

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 13, 2016

Is your aim on point? Can you save your character from blasting off in space? In Skill Shot, you must carefully blast your character from one barrel to another without falling off? In this casual game, all you must do is aim and shoot with accuracy. Avoid the yellow monsters for they eat your player alive! The barrels move at lightning speed too!  Guide your player carefully over a course filled with obstacles and moving platforms. Will you be able to do it or will your player be blasted into the unknown?

In Skill Shot, you must tap to bounce your player off one barrel onto the other. But be careful to avoid the yellow monsters and the revolving barrels. In this endless scroller, you must guide your character carefully to the top, without colliding with other objects. Barrels placed one above the other also move at jet speed. You must aim precisely to connect with them and deposit your character safely. The barrel you stand on might rotate too. Balance your character precariously on the edge and move higher and higher in this fast-paced addictive game.

Players are instantly hooked in this Bouncing Egg lookalike. The music is tuneful and the backdrop apt. Overall, Skill is a game designed for casual gamers of all ages. It is perfect to unwind to. This casual game is a must for anyone who loves shooting arcade games. Skill Shot required players to only have the most entertaining time of their life whilst only tapping on their screens.

Tip: Wait for two barrels to align perfectly below each other.

Play Skill Shot here.