Skater Dude

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 15, 2016


Skater Dude is a one of a kind endless scroller which is sure to impress. In this game, you play a teen skater on the run, while you shift your skater across the 4 lanes on your screen, you come across a variety of obstacles like boxes, cones and sometimes even policeman. The two major objectives of the game are to accumulate a maximum number of spray paint cans while you’re on the run and to avoid all the obstacles, the more cans you collect the higher will be your score. The gameplay of this game is very different as the skater and the road is at a diagonal, therefore controlling him is easier and seems real.

The graphics, sound effects, background score and visuals are exquisite for an HTML5 game, this must be one of the best made HTML5 games so far, the attention to detail in this game is astonishing, whether it’s the skaters expressions or the transition from one lane to another, everything seems to real to be true. Developers have concentrated on small little things which make this game an awesome experience. The game gets tough as you progress further as the speed of your skater increases and this makes the chase exhilarating. Once you crash, you start over, thus the chances to get addicted to this game are very high because you keep coming back for one more round.

You will be missing out if you don’t play Skater Dude, it is an excellently made game. Whether you like endless scrollers or not, this game is sure to make a fan out of you.

Tip: Stay in the middle lanes, this makes all the other lanes more accessible.

You can play Skater Dude here.