Sheriff's Wrath

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 8, 2016

Sheriff’s Wrath is an action game which requires you to shoot enemies left and right. Take aim and kill all your enemies. In Sheriff’s Wrath, you are saving your county from dangerous criminals. The villains pop up from every corner. Identify them and kill them before they kill you. They have invaded your town and taken hostages.  save them or you will be gunned down. Save yourself and your town. Shoot quickly and only at the right people. Be the leader and save the hostages before time and bullets run out!

In this action-packed game, you must shoot bullets at every criminal in the county. Beware of who you are shooting at. Do not shoot at the hostages themselves! You may lose a life if you shoot at one of your own. Keep an eye on the number of bullets left in your gun lest they run out and you aren’t armed. Reload as soon as you run out of bullets and keep shooting as quickly as possible. In Sheriff’s Wrath, you must calmly shoot at your enemies and save the hostages.

Overall, the game is a masterpiece in the HTML games era. With picturesque backdrops and tuneful music, Sheriff’s Wrath is an entertaining action game. The gameplay is smooth and uncomplicated. This is the perfect game to unwind to after a stressful day.

Tip: Reload when hostages pop up!

Play Sheriff’s Wrath here.