Sheep Stacking

By Rishabh Arora · Jan 14, 2017

In Sheep Stacking, you play the Shepard assembling his sheep. Stack you sheep in vertical fashion and herd them all into the same arena. Do you love your sheep? Do you also love assembling item? Then Sheep Stacking is the perfect game for you! Stack sheep correctly and score more points! Drop them one after the other and herd them into the arena! Use your skills wisely and save all the sheep from running wild. Stack as many as you can to score high points!  Can you stack them correctly or will they topple off each other?

The gameplay of this arcade game is uncomplicated. All you must do is drop sheep one by one from a height. You should drop them in a such a way that they land exactly one on top of the other. The sheep on the bottom disappears once the next sheep land. Stack them in the right way or they will topple off one another. Drop them at the correct time and you score more points. If the sheep land on any other area than on the sheep, it is game over for you!

On a whole, Sheep Stacking is entertaining and fast-paced. The background is picturesque and the music is tuneful. The game is brilliantly designed. Sheep Stacking is a casual gamer’s paradise in this era. It is the perfect game to unwind with and relax.

Tip: Do not rush to drop the sheep. Take your time.

Play Sheep Stacking here.