Shark Dash

By Vaishali Ramesh · Sep 25, 2018

In Shark Dash, you must fight to save your shark from imminent doom! Guide your shark through treacherous waters to reach the safety of the underwater cave! Dodge bombs and submarines to make it to safety! Collect fishes and stars along the way to score more points. Make a high score and you will find yourself on the leaderboards! Manoeuvre across the littered ocean and save your shark in this endless arcade game. This is a perfect game to unwind with after a long day. Play Shark Dash and find yourself mesmerized by your adventures under the ocean!

The gameplay is straightforward. You must tap the up or down button to move the shark on the screen. Do not let it collide with a bomb or you will lose a life. But if you bang into a submarine or a ship, it is game over instantly for you! Your aim is to make it across the ocean floor safely all the while collecting other fishes and stars. Move up and down in quick succession and collect more stars. The more stars you collect in this endless game, the more points you score. Make our way through the murky waters and become a pro at Shark Dash.

On a whole, Shark Dash is an all-round entertainer. You will find yourself unable to put it down. The backdrop is brilliantly designed and the sound effects are tuneful. The game is a must for you if you feel the need to relax. Shark Dash is truly one of the most fun HTML games in today’s era.

Tip: Do not go too low or too high.

Play Shark Dash here.