Shade Shuffle

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 30, 2016

Shade Shuffle is an arcade game that requires logical thinking and the ability to solve puzzles. Fans of Quickslip, Hoop Loop and other Gamezop games will love Shade Shuffle.  Players must match balls to the right colours but within a specified amount of time. The race to twist orbs to the right colour is what makes the game an all-round entertainer.  In this game, players must strategically move a circle in such a way that the balls falling from the sky are matched with a base of the same colour. This is a rapid but easy game that keeps the players always on their toes.

The gameplay is straightforward. Players must rotate two coloured circles while coloured balls drop from the sky. These balls can only fall on the base of the same colour. Hence players must rotate the circles in time with the balls. If a ball hits the base of a wrong colour, it is game over for the player. The challenge begins when the balls start falling faster and the player realizes that the circles rotate only in set directions and not in the same direction. Handling two circles may be difficult but once the player finds their groove, Shade Shuffle is a cakewalk.

On a whole, Shade Shuffle is a fantastic and enthralling puzzle game that leaves the player coming back for more. The visuals are picturesque and the sound effects apt for the mood of the game. Overall, Shade Shuffle is one of the best developed games on Gamezop and is a must try for people who want to just unwind.

Tip: Use both hands to tap simultaneously!

Play Shade Shuffle here.