By The Gamezop Team · 1 Nov, 2016

Salazar is a logical game where the player is stretched to their limits. The game demands that the player put all their chemistry knowledge to use and solve the puzzle with strategic moves. Salazar is the story of a wizard who wants to create more and better potions but to do so he needs your help in collecting ingredients. Help the wizard make more ingredients and earn more points for yourself. You might just see yourself earning more points and inventing multiple elements in the game. But be warned, the game requires that all your brainpower and logic be put to good use.

The gameplay is straightforward. Connect three or more elements of the same kind to form a completely new element. The player has no clue to which element will be formed. It may be a clover, a stone or even a skull. All the player must aim for is to connect many elements at the same time to clear the board. The more elements you connect at one time, the more points you earn. Seems simple, doesn’t it? But contrary to the initial gameplay, the preceding positions of various elements may not be close together on the board. The player may get stuck when they have no more elements they can match together but there is an easy solution to this, the undo button that reverses the last move you made.

Overall the game is an entertaining puzzle game that keeps the player occupied for hours together and you cannot seem to put your phone down. The board is uncomplicated and is easy to understand. The music too is interesting and pleasing to the ears. The game is delight for casual players everywhere.

Tip: You can connect elements diagonally.

Play Salazar here.