Rodeo Rider

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

The difficult, highly competitive and dangerous cowboy world is perfectly captured in Rodeo Rider with a touch of subtlety. Simple gameplay and easy controls make this game is a casual relaxing gamers paradise. To progress in this game, you must keep your cowboy from falling of his bull on each level. If you fall from the bull, you must start over. To balance your cowboy in this game you must ensure that the cowboys hat, at the bottom of your screen, stays right in between the bull’s circular body which swiftly moves around the ranch, if the cowboys hat is not in contact with the bull’s body your cowboy falls of the bull.

To control your cowboy all you must do is drag your cowboys hat wherever the bull takes it, if you are not skilled enough to follow the distracted bull around the ranch, your cowboy will suffer a bad fall. The game is divided across various level which is further divided into 8 seconds, if you survive for 8 seconds, you progress to the next level. The quality and speed of the bull also increases with each level. Thus, you start off level one riding the old bull, but soon you have to ride bigger tougher beasts like Sandra Bullock and Fat Hans.

The level and time system adds a unique edge to the game and makes it more realistic and entertaining. You should surely try out this game if you are a fan of time-based or level- based games.

Tip: Keep your finger on the screen for the 8 seconds.

You can play Rodeo Rider here