Rock the Dock

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Like boats? Would you like to try to balance on one?

Rock the dock is a strategic logic game. It challenges you to balance several crates one on top of the other without letting it tip off.  You are on a boat but your task is to stack crates. But you will be fired if the crates topple and topple they will, if you don’t stack them perfectly.

Fans of The Tower or Stack by Ketchapp will love Rock the Dock equally. It demands that the player be vigilant and concentrated on the task at hand.  The player must focus and tap at the right time to place the crate precisely on top of its predecessor. If it falls short, the crate is cut in half. This is the point in the game when the challenge starts. As the crates become smaller and smaller in size, the movement of the crates will increase in speed and the player will struggle to place them perfectly.

Rock the Dock is a picturesque game with soothing colours and birds and animals prancing all about. The background music is also perfect for the atmosphere at sea and makes the player enthusiastic to do better at the game.  Overall, Rock the Dock is every casual gamer’s dream game. It can be played at anytime and anywhere; it may even destress you down sometimes.

Tip: Pay close attention to the edges of the crates!

Play Rock the Dock for free here