Road Safety

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 23, 2016

Road Safety is a fun filled, strategy game which is sure to wow you with its gameplay, simplicity and overall features. Road safety is a level based, time based game in which the only objective is to make a few people cross heavily trafficked roads safely. In this game you are responsible to send individuals across multiple roads, while simultaneously avoiding cars, motorbikes, buses and sometimes even super cars, all travelling at different speeds.

The controls of this game are as simple as they get, all you have to do is tap on the person to set him into motion, to cross a road. The graphics, funny sound effects, visuals and gameplay are all smooth, well incorporated and fitting. There is a constant timer for each level and if the timer goes off before you transport the adequate amount of people to the other side, you have to start the level over. The game is set across 30 different levels, and as you progress the levels keep getting harder with more lanes and more people to transport.

Overall, Road Safety is an amazingly made games. The attention to detail and graphics to this game are unconventional for an HTML5 game. This is a fun and entertaining game you have to play.

Tip: Once a vehicle crosses, tap on all the people to quickly send them across to the other side.

You can play Road Safety here.