Retro Hop

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 15, 2016

Retro Hop is a highly addictive, fun and amusing game which offers a perfect mix of beautiful graphics with excellent sounds. In this game players play a cube which is at a constant speed moving from left to right on your screens, the only way to control the cube is to tap the screen which causes it to jump. Timing your jumps is vital as even a slight difference in prerequisite timing will cause the cube to crash into the various obstacles that come its path. Retro Hop is a level based game and the higher level you go to, the more difficult the gameplay will get.

A standout feature of this game are its visuals, the story of the cube is set across exquisite background visuals which are very unconventional for an HTML5 game. The sound effects and score is well synced into the gameplay and this just adds to the overall depth of the game. The game gets addictive as you progress further because you will keep coming back for just one more try. The levels are simple to look at, however, when you play them they don’t seem that easy.

Overall Retro Hop is amazing fun, just like all Gamezop games, you can play it on your phone and tablet, using the Gamezop app or you can even access the game from your PCs via the Gamezop website.

Tip: Time your jumps to perfection, or you must restart the current level.

You can play Retro Hop here.