Rescue Juliet

By Rishabh Arora · Jan 14, 2017

In this html5 puzzle game, be the hero and save your lover in this cute game of Rescue Juliet. Race against time and rescue your partner from the trouble she is in! In this cute arcade game, you play the red coloured Romeo- lover of Juliet determined to save her from her captors. Move tiles left, right, up and down to clear the path for sweet Juliet. Swipe your fingers on the screen and be the champion in this arcade game! Will you be able to save her in time or will the story end tragically?  Let the two lovers meet and rewrite the classic romance once more!

In Rescue Juliet, you must race against the clock and solve a puzzle to clear the path for Juliet to escape safely. Move blue blocks out of the way and save Juliet. The blue blocks seem to be all over the place. Strategize and shift the blocks quickly to make way for Juliet. You must be constantly thinking in this arcade game! With no time to lose and increasing difficulty with successive levels, this game will certainly test your patience and skill! Earn the top scores to make it to the Leader Boards!

Overall, Rescue Juliet is fast-paced and an all-round entertainer. Everyone can play it irrespective of age groups! The background is mesmerizing and the sound effects even more so. Rescue Juliet is a must for anyone who wants to casually play on the go. It is undoubtedly one of the best games of the Gamezop platform.

Tip: Start moving tiles from the bottom!

Play Rescue Juliet here.