Red Rush

By The Gamezop Team · 4 Dec, 2016

Red Rush is an arcade game that players find mesmerizing and cannot let go of. In this game, players must tap continuously to match the right colors together. This is a rapid and ever-changing game in which players need not think too hard. This match-3 game requires players to have flexible fingers and a sharp brain. Red Rush is fast-paced, astonishing and relaxing at the same time. Lovers of simple matching games will love this casual game that lets you unwind like no other.

The rules of the game are easy to understand. Red Rush works with just a tap of the finger. Players must rotate two colored balls fused together at the center of the screen. Balls will also fall from the sky. It is the player’s job to rotate the fused balls in such a manner that the falling ball will fall on a base of the same color. As the game proceeds, the balls fall faster and players must therefore tap faster too. Tapping and matching balls more gains you more points to make it to the top of the Leader Board. When the speed increases, so must the speed of the player’s hands, the faster you tap, the better your gameplay is.

Red Rush is addictive and players will want to keep coming back for more. The visuals are stunning and the sound effects apt. Overall, the game is a must for any time when you just want to kick back, relax and unwind. Like all other Gamezop games, Red Rush is a top scorer in the casual games market.

Tip: Focus on the colors of the falling balls!

Play Red Rush here.