Rains of Fire

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Rains of Fire is an arcade game of Fire and Ice. The player must help pellets of ice and fire alternatively reach the correct landing, a raging fire or a huge slab of ice. Can you tap fast enough to switch between the two?

Rains of fire as the name suggest is a game where fire and ice hail down from the skies and you must save them by giving them the correct base to land into. Fire does not mix with ice and neither does ice mix with fire. Players must tap constantly to switch the base between fire or a slab of ice.  The pellets never cease and seem to increase in speed as the game goes along. The players must also tap quickly as the pellets arrive simultaneous, one ice and the next fire. The challenge begins just when the player thinks there are going to be only a series of fire pellets but ice too arrives faster than anticipated.

The game is educational and is perfect for kids. It teaches them the basics of physics and about which two elements never mix together. The game is fun and the soundtrack is equally entertaining. The game is also helpful when it comes to playing with family. Like all other Gamezop games, Rains of Fire is also highly entertaining and great fun to play.

Tip: Watch out for the ice pellets that come along with the fire.

Play Rains of Fire here