Rabbit Punch

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

In Rabbit Punch, your reflexes are tested to the limit. Rabbit Punch is a multiplayer, time based, fun and fast paced game in which you must beat your opponent’s score within the given amount of time to win. The theme of the game focuses solely on your sharp thinking and reflexes, the quicker your reflexes, the better you are at this game. The game features two boxing gloves going head to head to punch rabbits which appear out of the magician’s hat, punch rabbits before your rival to increase your points, but be careful, your points are deducted for punching the magician. Can you pose a higher score before your time runs out?

In Rabbit Punch, players are given a minute and thirty seconds to play. In this slender time frame, numerous rabbits peep out of the magician’s hat, the first to punch the rabbit scores the points, consecutive punches earn you higher points due to various combos. While you tap frantically to ensure your score is higher than your opponents, you are tricked numerous times when the magician may peep out of the hat, hit the magician and a staggering 20 points are subtracted from your score. This makes the game a thinking game and makes the game very interesting. Rabbit Punch can be played as one player or even two players, the game requires you to tap on your glove to punch, therefore the controls are extremely simple and easy to grasp.

The game has sufficient visuals combined with a laughable soundtrack and a competitive background score.

Tip: Get your fingers of the screen and you will lose.

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