Quack Hunt

By Vaishali Ramesh · Sep 25, 2018

Do you love arcade games? Do you love shooting games at a fairground? Then Quack Hunt was designed just for you! In this exciting shooting game, you must put all your shooting skills to test. Lifelike and entertaining, you must shoot at ducks moving in a horizontal line. Aim precisely and focus on the target to score more points! Shoot down ducks of all shapes and sizes. The prize in this ultimate shooting game is a spot on the Leader Boards and bragging rights! Play Quack Hunt for a quick, easy game of unlimited fun!

The rules of Quack Hunt are simple. Tap on the ducks to shoot at them. Shoot down as many ducks a possible before the screen is drawn. Concentrate and aim precisely to get more ducks. The game becomes challenging when you realize that there are not only an unlimited number of ducks but also, they seem to be in constant motion. The ducks move in a horizontal line and don’t stay in one position for longer than a second. Therefore, you must think carefully before every move you make. Shoot as many ducks a you can before time runs out!

Overall Quack Hunt is entertaining and enthralling. You will be unable to put it down once it has started. The backdrop gives you the feeling of being in an actual fair and the music is pleasing to the ears. Quack Hunt is a masterpiece by itself and is undoubtedly one of the best games on this site.

Tip: Tap a little in front of the duck to shoot precisely.

Play Quack Hunt here.