Punch Heroes

By The Gamezop Team · 3 Nov, 2016

Punch Heroes is a light hearted, funny and addictive game that is a lot of fun to play. In Punch Heroes, you play a ninja, who is trapped on a small island, the main objective of this game is that you must punch away infiltrators who have come to raid your island. These ninja infiltrators are very dangerous as they travel towards you from all four directions, each armed with a knife, waiting patiently to pounce and stab you. The controls of the game are simple tap in the direction you want to punch, the main objective of the game is to punch away the enemies as they come close to you and survive for the longest on the lonely island. The more enemies you punch, the higher will be your score on the leader boards.

Punch heroes has a funny, entertaining background score, coupled with retro visuals set across a decent engaging background. This game is very addictive as you keep coming back to play it, just to best your score and survive longer. The game grows on you and it becomes more fun once to get a hang of the controls and gameplay.

Punch Heroes is a very well made HTML5 game, in your quest to defend your yellow ninja, it may just improve your reflexes. You should play this game if you enjoy light hearted casual games, it will not disappoint.

Tip: Timing is key, time your punches to perfection to survive longer in this game.

You can play Punch Heroes here.