Pixel Slime

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 29, 2016

Pixel Slime is undoubtedly one of the best made HTML5 games so far. The perfect balance of simplicity and complexity in this game make it appealing and very addictive. Pixel Slime is a game centred around a slime, who crosses beam after beam to finish the 40 levels designed to make you rip your hair out as you progress further. This is not at all an easy to play fun game, in fact it is challenging, difficult and requires peak concentration and sharpness for success through the 40 levels. Do you have what it takes to beat this game?

Players in this game control the slime and all you can do is jump the slime by tapping on your screen. The slime travels at a constant speed and requires excellently timed precise jumps to pass the various obstacles which are designed to kill it. What makes this game a masterpiece is the clever integration of physics into the gameplay which give it a total edge over other games in this genre. The beam may be upside down, reverse, diagonal and even rotating sometimes which makes the gameplay unique and enthralling. The swift movement of the slime coupled with this tricky gameplay make this game a fantastic experience.

The more you will play this game, the more you will appreciate it. The attention to detail is another standout feature of this game, the way the whole screen moves when the slime jumps or the exciting soundtrack, the fitting visuals or the completely synced graphics, every little thing about this game is praise worthy. Whether you like this genre or not, you should give Pixel Slime a shot, it is a one of a kind game which will be worth your time.

Tip: Just keep playing.

You can play Pixel Slime here.