Pirate's Pillage! Aye! Aye!

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 8, 2016

Pirate’s Pillage! Aye! Aye! is a one of a kind adventure game where you are a pirate on a dangerous island. Can you escape alive or will the villain catch you off guard?  Find new paths in this maze-like game to collect all the treasure and go back to sea safely!  There are explosives, guards and swords at every turn aimed to deter you.  Bypass them safely and proceed to the next level. You must escape alive or fall prey to the wrath of the guards. Find your treasure and get back to the safety of your ship!

In Pirate’s Pillage! Aye! Aye!, players must move across a maze collecting coins along the way. These coins make up your treasure. But that is not all. Guards roam every corner. You must avoid them or fight them with swords to save yourself. You can also activate explosives to destroy the guards in one breathe. Move quickly through the maze to proceed to the next level. Each higher level has more guards and more weapons. You must use the wisely. If you run into a guard more than three times, it is game over for you. The maze becomes more complicated as the levels increase. Beware or you may fall into dangerous paths.

Overall the game is an all-round entertainer. With light music and breath-taking visuals, this game is a delight for players of all ages. Pirate’s Pillage! Aye! Aye! comes with a fast-paced gameplay and enthralling characters. This is undoubtedly one of the best adventure games on the Gamezop platform.

Tip: Collect as many swords and explosives as possible!

Play Pirate’s Pillage! Aye! Aye! here.