Pirate Kid

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 30, 2016

Pirate Kid is fun racing game where players must guide our young pirate across stormy seas and turbulent docks to reach safety. Multiple obstacles along the way prevent the player from having a smooth sail. They must work tirelessly to avoid roadblocks and collect gems to achieve the end goal. Pirate Kid is an energetic and completely entertaining game that players find difficult to put down. This fast-paced game requires players to strategize and think while on the move. Pirate Kid requires flexible fingers and quick thinking to earn maximum points.

The rules are straightforward. Players must guide their young pirate across a series of planks placed at regular intervals. But birds will fly at the pirate at odd times and players must try their best to avoid them. The character is in motion all the time but it is up to the player to carefully maneuver him so that he collects gems along the way. Collide with a bird and it is game over. The kid runs at a regulated speed and at times becomes super-fast. Players must be vigilant during these times because this is when the birds and other obstacles decide to strike.

Pirate Kid has breath-taking visuals and joyful background music. The character and objects are perfectly designed and are also pleasing to the eye. Pirate Kid is an all-round entertainer and is perfect for players of all ages. Like all other Gamezop games, Pirate Kid is the appropriate meaning of the words casual games

Tip: Beware of those high jumps!

Play Pirate Kid here.