Pillar Hopper

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 29, 2016

Pillar Hopper is a cute and fun tale of travelling animals. In this game, you play a few Pillar hoppers, may it be a kangaroo, a penguin or a frog who are jumping from one pillar to another in their quest to explore the land. Now while you help these animals cross the enchanted lands, you must give it to the developers of this game for incorporating great physics in the game which make this simple and enjoyable kids game strategic and addictive. To jump the hoppers, you should slingshot them in somewhat an angry bird fashion, this time however, without the sling itself. All you must do is drag your finger behind the animal and this creates an imaginary route which the animals will follow during the jump.

The controls can be learnt in an absolute instant; however, the gameplay takes some getting used to and it may take some time to estimate the route and speed of the jump from one pillar to another. The pillars are of different heights and this makes the game very interesting as you will be astonished by your incapacities to travel 3 small animals from one place to another.

Pillar Hopper is set across some visually pleasing backdrops and incorporates a fun and engaging soundtrack into its gameplay. This not only adds depth to the game, but also makes it more appealing. A noticeable contrast between day and night settings and the change of hopper occasionally, is quite refreshing.

Tip: Do not drag your finger to much, it will result in excess speeds and this will lunge your hopper out of the screen!

You can play Pillar Hopper here.