Pigeon Bomber

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 30, 2016

Pigeon Bomber is an arcade game that leaves the player in splits by the end of it. Ever been frustrated with those pigeon’s droppings falling on you during the day? Now this is your chance to see the whole story from the pigeon’s point of view! Be the nemesis and spoil the day for many others just like they did for you! Get your revenge in the most passive way possible. Pigeon Bomber is a fun game where players live a day in the life of a pigeon. See through its eyes what it does through the day and what difficulties it faces.

The game rules are simple. Players must navigate their pigeon through the sky whilst avoiding other birds, lampposts and billboards. But players must also be sure to drop on the people standing below. The more people you hit, the higher your points. Players must have accurate aim to shoot at people. Meanwhile the player must also swipe their fingers up and down to save the pigeon from colliding with obstacles. The bird also flies at a fast speed hence players must be on their toes to successfully finish the task and earn ore points to make it to the Leader board.

Pigeon Bomber is a casual gamer’s paradise. It is fast-paced and entertaining. The scenes are picturesque and the sounds apt. Players will have a fun time impersonating a pigeon and earning points while doing so. This is must for adventure game lovers!

Tip: Watch out for the other birds!

Play Pigeon Bomber here.