Penguin Skip

By The Gamezop Team · 3 Dec, 2016

Penguin Skip is an entertaining and fun adventure of a cute baby penguin while he tries to cross the sea in search of food. In Penguin Skip, you must help the baby penguin across freezing seas while he eats fishes and jumps from one island to another in order to survive. Every time you assist the penguin in catching a fish, your score increases, if your penguin loses its balance and falls in sea however, your penguin drowns and you must start over. Do you have what it takes to help this baby penguin in need?

The further you progress in this game, the harder it gets. The game tests your reflexes and it requires you to think fast and play even faster. The controls of penguin skip are simple and easy to learn, tap on either side of the screen to jump the penguin in the respective direction, the islands are all arranged in diagonals and to jump them you must tap left or right. If you waste even a bit of time on the island, the snow melts and you end up drowning, this makes the game challenging and addictive. The further you progress in the game, the islands start to melt faster, therefore you must adjust your gameplay and get swifter and sharper to survive longer.

Penguin Skip has some great visuals coupled with sound effects which are funny, realistic and perfectly synced, the background score is decent and all this integration just adds a sense of depth and realism to the ever-smooth gameplay.

Tip: The faster you play, the better it is.

You can play Penguin Skip here.