Pebble Boy

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 21, 2016

In Pebble Boy, you play a young boy saving birds from being eaten. Small birds have been captured by an evil dragon. It is up to you to save these young ones from being eaten alive! Can you save them or will time run out? Aim your catapult at each cage and free the birds, sending them to safety. Correctly match coloured birds together and open their cages! The more birds you save from the evil dragon, the more points you earn!  Fly through the levels and save all the schools of birds!

The gameplay of Pebble Boy is uncomplicated. All you must do is aim your stone and catapult at the right cages to free the bird. Move cages around and match birds of the same colour to free them! Shoot down birds that are not of the right colour and free them too! As the levels increase, so do the number of birds to be saves and the difficulty levels. Learn to make combos and free multiple birds with one shot. Beware of the bird’s proximity to the dragon, or else they will be eaten for dinner!  Earn more points and make it to the top of the Leader Board!

On the whole, Pebble Boy is entertaining and fast-paced. It is apt for players of all age groups. The backdrop is picturesque and the sound effects are tuneful. Pebble Boy is a landmark in an era of casual games with it rapid changes and fast-paced gameplay. Pebble Boy is undoubtedly one of Gamezop’s best creations.

Tip: Shoot right at the middle of the cage!

Play Pebble Boy here.