Pai Gow Poker

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

It always feels amazing to beat the dealer. We bring you the best online Pai Gow Poker in town. Just like most of the casino table games, Pai Gow poker starts with a player placing a bet before any cards are dealt by the dealer. This is the only bet the player will make for the duration of the hand and it must be within the minimum and maximum betting limits of the table.

The winning showdown is quite simple. If both of your hands are better than both of the dealer’s hands, you make 1:1 on your bet. If only one of your hands is better than the dealer’s, it’s a push. If both your hands are worse than the dealers, you lose your bet. You can also choose the House Way option from the bottom of the screen to help you arrange the hands in the best possible way. The game sits on a traditional Pai Gow Poker table and gives responsive sound effects on any actions performed.

Pai Gow Poker gives you a great platform to test and sharpen your skills at this version of Poker. Being an online HTML5 game, it also can be played anywhere irrespective of the device and the browser. So, take the chips and try it out.

You can play Pai Gow Poker here.