By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Ooltaa is a logical game that requires players to be quick on their feet. You are in control of a satellite protecting the planet from asteroids. Players must be observant and shoot at all incoming targets. Repetitively tapping and moving the satellite around will only help so far. Players must aim precisely and focus on their target. The game demands that players be always on their lookout to eliminate the next threat to their planet. Threats arrive from every corner and the player must simultaneously fight against them all. Will they fight with all their might or will their planet be doomed?

The rules of the game are simple. Players must tap to hit a target. Asteroids will speed towards your mother planet to attack it and the only way to save it is by retaliating against the asteroids themselves. Bigger asteroids break into smaller pieces and still proceed towards the planet. The twist in the game is when players realize that not only do the asteroids move, so does the satellite protecting the planet. Hence the players must also pay heed to the movement of the satellites themselves.

Ooltaa is entertaining while keeping payers at the edge of their seats. The sound effects give the player a sense of mystery and the backdrop is the perfect setting of the galaxy. The game is also apt for people of all ages and has brilliantly animated objects. Ooltaa is one of the Gamezop’s best action and arcade games thus far.

Tip: Beware of those big asteroids breaking.

Play Ooltaa here.